I created a plugin called ‘hapi-sequelizejs’ to integrate Sequelize with hapi.js, and published it to npm.

I love to code in Node.js, and for all my applications I use this fantastic API framework called hapi.js. Also, when there is a database connection needed, I like to use Sequelize ORM.

But there was a problem, I needed the sequelize object on all requests, searching on the internet, I found a plugin, but it was not compatible with the newer versions, and was not updated by the author for quite a while. There were many open Issues and Pull Requests also.

That was the opportunity for me to enter de Open Source world, and fork this repo, to publish an updated version of the plugin. And there borns https://www.npmjs.com/package/hapi-sequelizejs. hapi-sequelizejs is up to date with the latest versions of hapi.js and Sequelize, and, I’m always active on the repository.

You can checkout the source code and documentation here https://github.com/valtlfelipe/hapi-sequelizejs. Feel free to contribute :)